Judit Bak

Born in 1962 in Várpalota. At the Thury György High School in Várpalota he studied the basics of artistic anatomy, figurative geometry, and many graphic and painting techniques.
After high school he studied biology and chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of ELTE (Budapest), but in his free time he continued painting in drawing schools, and studied constructivist painting at the art school led by János Fajó (Szerencs). As a biochemist, he took part in several study trips abroad, both to the United States and to Great Britain, and the art movements he saw on these trips had a significant influence on his painting. As a result, in 2007 he participated in a group exhibition at the Himmelberger Gallery (San Francisco, CA, USA) (Judit Bak, Juschi Seifried-Otte, Leo Holub, Bob Tyson, Miroslav Brizis, Jacek Sroka).
In his paintings, the symbolism of archaic tales and the symbol systems found in ancient and Hungarian folk art appear. As a timeless traveller, he evokes many mystical, dreamlike places in his paintings. His archetypal motifs of the 'house', the 'gate' and the 'staircase' lead the viewer into a world of conjecture. The symbols of the "house" are both evocative of the past and present.

Major solo exhibitions:
1994. FÉK Gallery (Alsó-Göd)
1997. BM Danube Palace (Budapest)
2000. Hotel Jagerhof (Zams, Austria)
2002. Gulácsy Gallery (Szeged)
2002. Hotel Hilton, Dominican Cloisters (Budapest)
2003. Derkovits Gallery (Budapest)
2003. Hotel Hilton, Dominican Cloisters (Budapest)
2004. Hotel Hilton, Dominican Cloisters (Budapest)
2004. Derkovits Gallery (Budapest)
2005. Hotel Hilton, Dominican Cloisters (Budapest)
2005. Derkovits Gallery (Budapest)
2006. Hotel Hilton, Dominican Cloisters (Budapest)
2006. Derkovits Gallery (Budapest)
2008. Pátzay Pál Gallery (Székesfehérvár)
2010. Mednyánszky Gallery (Budapest)
2017. Képcsarnok Gallery (Miskolc)

Group exhibitions:
2000. Kisfaludy Cultural Centre (Sümeg)
2000 Exhibition of the National Association of Medical Artists (Balatonlelle)
2001. Kisfaludy Cultural Centre (Sümeg)
2001 Exhibition of the National Association of Medical Artists (Balatonlelle)
2002. Derkovitcs Gallery (Budapest)
2002. Lookout Gallery (Budapest)
2002. Derkovits Gallery (Budapest)
2003. Kisfaludy Cultural Centre (Sümeg)
2004. Imre Kálmán Museum (Siófok),
2007 Himmelberger Gallery (San Francisco, CA, USA)

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