Zoltán Benda

Benda Zoltán

Painter Zoltán Benda was born in Hódmezővásárhely in 1963. His painting was significantly influenced by the old Veszprém school. He depicts the beauty of nature in his paintings, and besides his atmospheric landscapes, light, small-town street scenes are the main theme of his work. The variety and diversity of the seasons captivate the viewer. Looking at Zoltán Benda's pictures, one would like to walk through the landscapes and streets, which are almost alive with warm colours.

His paintings can be found in many galleries. He has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the country.

His naturalistic paintings are the result of concrete observation
were born. His waterfront trees or woodland landscapes, which show an individual vision, are a must-see for anyone who loves a realistic style, a rewritten copy of reality. His works also have a content beyond the visual, expressing the way of life of the inhabitants of the house and the sympathy of the artist towards them. We would like to walk through his landscapes, the passing winter or the autumnal splendour of nature is reflected in his landscapes with a strange serenity.

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