Attila Berencsi - Beri Ary

Inspiration is not what many people think. It's not like you're sitting there, and then suddenly, whoops, something comes to you. It takes years and years to put together slowly. You think about how you could do something better, and you work on how you could make your thoughts into something. Of course there is always a trigger that determines the moment when it happens, but overall there is always a way. It could be, for example, an artistic creed, let's say, let the painting be beautiful and good. If you leave that, then you get abstract paintings. Or let the brushwork be invisible. This can also be abandoned, and then you get impressionist paintings. But if you do the painting properly, the end result is the result of a thoughtful process, and that is not covered by the word inspiration. In my paintings, the fuss-balance method doesn't work. I do a lot of serious research to get the perfect painting for me.

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