Anita Bodák

Painting is the grandchild of nature, which is connected to God.


My grandfather introduced me to and made me love nature and animals. At dawn, we used to listen to our favourite singing birds together in the garden. At the age of 10, I knew I wanted to be a painter. I graduated in painting from the Nyíregyháza College. I have been actively creating since 2003.

For me, painting is a philosophy of life, a spiritual urge. I believe that physical and mental well-being can be promoted through nature's rich world of colour and form. My aim is to walk an artistic path that helps the viewer to find strength, peace and harmony in the visual spectacle. I take great care in developing my paintings, out of an inner need, out of respect for the viewer, and because I believe that painterly freedom is truly achieved when representation is in the hands of the viewer. I always paint what I find beautiful.

I'm a nature lover, trying to capture the wonder of a fleeting moment in time. Its thousands of faces enchant and inspire me again and again. I listen in awe to the sound of deer bellowing in the forest from the mountains. I am in awe of the magnificence and diversity of nature. Each season has its own particularity. The changes in nature remind us of the changes and transience of life. The living world is part of man's being and in it he can glimpse the divine and sublime nature of all that exists. It can restore our lost capacity for childlike wonder at the world and our lost faith in the possible. Nature speaks to us if we listen: every animal has a story to tell us, every flower offers us its beauty, and every rustling leaf whispers the mysteries of life.


My exhibitions:

2005 Caposvár

2006 Budapest

2007 Hortobágy, Göd

2008 Budapest

2011 Nyíregyháza



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