László Budai

Born in 1965 in Hódmezővásárhely. He studied composition at the Szeged Conservatory. He began to paint under the influence of the painters of the lowlands.
Lately, he has been mainly painting portraits. In his portraits he mostly depicts sensual, pure beauty. This beauty, through magical colours and decorated with the motif of a leaf, gives an impression of the macro and micro world. The girls and female figures that emerge from the almost abstract background give her works a plastic, almost three-dimensional quality, their delicate sensuality and sensuality evoking the ashen fruit, the fleeting wonder of youth.
His figures, the intimacy of the relationships depicted, their often idyllic nature, captivate our eyes, and the subtle painterly technique enhances the magic.
His work is characterised by serene landscapes, pastel colours and an often optimistic mood.
His watercolour-like pure paintings draw their atmosphere from the lowland landscape, while his Mediterranean alleys radiate the sentimentality and musicality of the southern peoples.
The creative vein of the atmosphere is expressed in the harmonious unity of the natural and human environment in his paintings. In the light, playful splashes of light through the foliage and on the walls of the small house, we sense his joy as a creator.
His painting is difficult to classify as contemporary. His paintings cannot be clearly described as realistic, but rather represent a distinctly individual world, drawing on all the movements from impressionism to abstraction that are close to the artist.
He went on study trips to Germany, Italy and Austria.
He regularly participates in art camps and art camps (e.g. Mártély).

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