Tibor Bukor

He was born in 1967 in Kalocsa and continued his studies at the Budapest College of Fine Arts, where he studied painting from 1986-91 under Gábor Nagy.

A true colourist painter. The inner glow of his colours, the inherent radiance of his chosen motifs dominate his paintings. He handles oil paint in such a way, creating such a fresh atmosphere on the canvas with his splashes of paint, that the viewer sometimes feels the world of his paintings to be more real than tangible reality itself. The explanation for this lies in the fact that in his paintings he captures clear, crystallised impressions of reality, or more precisely, of his impressions and memories of reality, which could be in our memories. The old village houses, the verandas of our grandfathers' houses, the dry gates of old houses, the combination of wicker chair and water jug, the river bank in the morning mist, the red poppies on the banks of the ditch, all these are images that will be recalled in our memories.

In his paintings, the drawing perfection of the Renaissance masters is combined with the joie de vivre of the colourist painter, expressed only in colour. His portraits, be they chalk drawings or oil paintings, captivate us primarily by their formal aspect, by the anatomically precise facial features of the subject, or by the precise visuality of the material reality evoked in the background of the portrait. But if we know the subject ourselves, we realise that character is only a primary, visual virtue of the portrait, since it can also convey the depths of the soul through subtle drawing or painting.

Portraiture, still life and landscape are the traditional genres of European painting, of which he became a master in such a way that we feel, when we see his paintings, that he has interpreted the refreshing trends in European painting with such skill that he has transformed these traditional genres into modern genres.

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