Lajos Csáky

Born in 1950 in Hódmezővásárhely. As a young man he already absorbed the love of painting.
He graduated from the Szeged Teacher Training College. His teachers were Ernő Fischer and László Vinkler.

The figures in his figurative compositions, with their varied colours, appear in a specific system, often in a transcendental setting. His transcendence is perceived in the form of radiance and suggestion, a subtlety that almost deceives the senses.
His female figures of motionless men radiate warmth in the moment of the eternal questions he asks. When they look into the distance, or if they do happen to turn towards us, their pale, blurred gaze connects the infinite with the finite, the dream with reality, and the shadow with light.

His paintings are rich in emotion, revealing both our sufferings and our passions. In his still lifes, flowers often become almost symbols, and the inner content reappears alongside the beauty. He draws on Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Realism and Symbolism, but from these he creates his own individual style. With his magical colours, brushwork, compositions, the inner message and subtlety of his paintings, he occupies a prominent place in the highly prestigious community of contemporary Hungarian painters.

His outstanding drawing skills can also be seen in his graphics. He has been a member of the Art Fund of the Republic of Hungary since 1981 and of the Studio of Young Artists since 1982.

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