Bernadett Cserfő

I was born in 1978 in Nagykanizsa, where I currently live with my husband and our two daughters.
My interest in fine art started in primary school, but I only started to get more involved in it in 2011. I had the opportunity to learn from a painter from Nagykanizsa, Maria Röszler, to master the use of colours, materials and brushes.

Most of my paintings were initially made with a realist vision, and more recently I have been trying to infuse these foundations with impressionist elements. I am an advocate of naturalistic painting. I love nature, trees, flowers, farmland, and these are usually reflected in my works, which I create with oil on canvas, on canvas with a canvas on canvas.

According to Edgar Degas, an artist does not paint what he sees, but what he has to show to others. That's how I try to colour the world and show people that a rose can not only be red, but can have all the colours of the palette.

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