Attila Endrey-Nagy

I was born in Székesfehérvár in 1967, and grew up in the Bakony and Mezőföld, which is perhaps one of the reasons why I I love the Hungarian countryside so much. Hiking, roaming, watching the animals - and what goes with it - is an integral part of my life: enjoying the coming of spring, the way everything comes to life, the wonders of summer in the woods and meadows, the colourful magic of the foliage falling or the winter's slumber sitting in a wildlife reserve. There was never any question whether I had chosen the right vocation... 

With my realistic paintings, I only want to convey the sincere joy I experience, respecting nature, with as much authenticity as possible. to the observer. I feel that each and every one of my pictures is a thank you and a gratitude for being able to see these wonders in the wild. 

In addition to the realistic depiction (in a much smaller number), I also present a spiritual, surrealistic visual world in my works, because I feel that it is the world beyond tangible reality that quite often provides a support, a support, an explanation without an explanation, makes everyday life events more acceptable. When there are no more words, when I have run out of arguments, I simply open a window to another spirituality, another way of thinking, with a painting like this. 

Whatever painting comes out of my hand, whether it's a stream in the Mecsek or a mystical idea, I try to express it in the most honest, authentic way with my colours. 

I currently live in Bodajko at the foot of the Bakony, a few minutes from the Gaja-and I have the opportunity to admire it every morning the rising sun always shines different and wonderful lights on the waking mountain. 

So far I have had over fifty solo exhibitions at home and abroad, and my work can be found all over the world in Europe, Russia, China, USA, Australia. 

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