Prince József

Born on 3 February 1947 in Budapest. After graduating from the High School of Fine Arts and the College of Fine Arts, he entered the European art scene at an early age.
In 1976 he won 3rd prize at the Potsdam Biennale.

His works have been sent abroad by ARTEX. He has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and Italy. He has also participated in the famous auction houses Sothebys and Christies, as well as in the Doroteum.

Hungarian audiences have known him since the 90s, and since the regime change several successful exhibitions of his oil paintings have been organized in Hungary.
József Fürst quotes the mannerists of the 16th century. His draughtsmanship is perfect, his brushwork is brilliant, and the surface of his paintings on canvas is ice smooth thanks to his brushwork. Although his works are highly colourful, they are calmly conciliatory and soothing. He brilliantly integrates the message of the present into the sublime with his ordinary means, combining it with the mundane, especially the shadowy aspects of life: old age, death, war, destruction and decay. Less indirectly, it is fulfilled with its subliminal images.

His body of work is not homogeneous, each one reflecting a different artistic perspective. He has become a teacher of the magic of bringing reality to life. We now know that he did not choose an existing school for his work, but created a school. Almost no one has the infinite patience that he had for solving small tasks.
He found creative joy in a creative house in Budapest, where his work developed to a level that expanded the spectrum of Hungarian art. He is a selfless member of the St. Luke's Association, and through this bond he shapes his artistic language.
His portraits reveal the deep layers of character with a kind of insight, and his still lifes, with their fantastic richness of detail, evoke classical periods, depicting the typical and the common as well as the unique. His landscapes lead us into a mystical world beyond reality, but in this way barely perceptible.

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