András Gécseg

I was born in Keszthely in 1971 and have lived here ever since, although I moved to neighbouring Gyenesdias three years ago, both settlements are my home. I owe my interest in drawing and painting to my grandfather. I finished my secondary school studies in Zalaegerszeg as an architectural technician, but soon realised that I might like to use my drawing skills in another field. At the age of twenty I started to paint advertising signs, billboards and facade decorations, and a few years later I painted my first oil paintings.

I was very influenced by László Paál and Mihály Munkácsy, they still inspire and accompany me during my work.

I was only able to spend relatively little time painting while working, but my life has developed in such a way that I have become closer and closer to creating. My last years have been more about drawing and painting. Alongside oil paintings, the use of pastels as an expressive medium has played a big part; it has become close to me and an important part of my painting. I'm interested in watercolour technique, a wonderful story for me, the power of the moment.

I believe that the important role of my painting is continuous learning, the realization of new ideas, the use of new materials and techniques is another way to express my beliefs and feelings. I cannot limit myself to a specific artistic movement, I am touched by other movements besides impressionist and realistic painting. I am interested in many subjects, I am constantly working on new paintings, in my opinion knowledge can only be gained through experience. The first thing to do is to find the balance between dynamism and patience.

I believe in simplicity, which is a long way to go, but then you can understand there is that less is more. An artist never feels finished, every creation is a birth, a test to know myself and then show others. A picture is finished when the creator's thought makes it so.

Exhibitions: Budapest, Art-expo; Keszthely, Balaton Theatre; Örvényes, Cultural Centre; Rezi, group exhibition; Ajka, national exhibition; Keszthely, Balaton Museum; Gyenesdiás, Community Hall; Balatonfüred, Művész Kávéház; Keszthely, Balaton Theatre; Győr, Bezerédj Castle, group exhibition; Budapest, Szirnyei Merse u.; Kaposvár, Árpád Együd Cultural Centre; Balatonmáriafürdő, Andrássy Mária Community House; Zalaszentgrót, Cultural Centre; Szolnok, Sörárium; Nagykanizsa, Hevesi Sándor Cultural Centre; Keszthely, Fejér Gy. Városi Könyvtár; Keszthely, Balaton Theatre (with my sculptor colleague); Zalaegerszeg, Hevesi Sándor Theatre; Budapest, Mamaison Residence Izabella; Gyenesdiás, Községháza.



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