Zoltán Ludvig

Born in 1953 in Csikóstöttös.
He has been on study trips to Germany, Austria and Croatia.
Ludvig Zoltán, true to himself, reaches back to the roots, to the ultimate limit. To that blurred point, lost in an atavistic haze, wavering on the border between nothingness and life.

With his images he stirs in us something of the collective unconscious, something long forgotten, never learned, but which we all carry within us, the primordial state of living matter, the greedy will to live of the first cell without any consciousness.
With a lot of paint, coloured pencils, and sometimes rustic factures that protrude into the space, he is able to produce an overall effect that evokes the intoxication of creation, the swaying of the primordial sea nursing life, the growth of flowers, the primordial experience of reproduction. The eternal nature of movement, change, transformation, the cruel law of passing, of rebirth.

He is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists, the Association of Austrian Artists, the International Association for the Support of Modern Artists (Moosburg, Austria).
Besides painting, he also works in commercial graphics and interior design.
Since 1999, he has been the organizer and artistic director of the renowned Ludvig International Artists' Camp, held annually in Kendli Major near Nagykanizsa.

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