Tamás Mág

He speaks about his homeland, Transylvania, Hungary, with great lyricism, but
he also depicts the Italian, Canadian and French landscape with insight. His rich, flavoursome, mature art is characterised by vibrant colours, masterly painting, richness of style and a deep respect for the traditions of painting, human traditions and native traditions. He sees and makes us see the beauty of landscape, nature and the human and built environment, the harmony of human relationships, with his sometimes melancholic but always very poetic themes and solutions.

Born in Oradea, Transylvania, in 1952.
He also studied painting, printmaking and sculpture at the High School of Fine Arts. The graphic artist Roman Mottl was his master at the Free Art School.

Since the mid-1970s, he has had solo exhibitions in many venues.

With his restrained colours and his individual technique, he depicted the world he saw. He was conservative in his painting.

His subjects are mainly urban neighbourhoods, landscapes and images of the simplicity of rural life, with impressionistic influences.
His individual and distinctive colouring and masterly technique quickly gained him recognition in the art world.

He moved to Hungary with his two children and wife in 1989. (Göd)

His death in 2019 marked the end of an amazing life's work.

His works are in great demand not only in Hungary, but also in many foreign countries. His paintings can be found in galleries and private collections in Japan, North America, Taiwan and many European countries.

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