Árpád Müller

Life course:
Between 1974 and 1979 he was a student at the High School of Fine and Applied Arts. In 1980 he won his first prize, the Domanovszky Prize, with a self-portrait as a student of fine arts. Between 1985 and 1988, he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, where his masters were Kálmán Csohány and Pál Gerzson. In 1988 he was awarded a World Fellowship in the United States. At that time he had already had several solo exhibitions in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands and the United States. In 2000 he was awarded the Salus Prize in the competition for the tenth anniversary of German reunification, for his work Dream Realised. In the early 2000s, he had permanent exhibitions in Budapest at the ARTEL galleries in Pannonia Street and ARTEN in Váci Street. He died suddenly on 8-9 June 2006.

His art:
In the beginning, the influence of his master was strongly felt in his works, the working of the colour surfaces, the rainbow-like iridescent contouring of the edges of each colour surface, the use of bright, vivid, pure colours. In the mid-1980s, his compositions became highly constructive and increasingly abstract, but in the 1990s, figuration came to the fore in his paintings. He returned to abstract compositions for a few paintings, sometimes going as far as abstract expressionism or the formal solution of colour painting. He also made figural etchings.

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