Ferenc Ziegler Németh


painter (Izsák, 1971-)


Kecskemét Free School of Fine Arts, SZÁMALK- Salesians' Secondary School/ Fine and Applied Arts Associate/Painter,

National and international art camps

 Artistic organising work:

  1. He is one of the founding members of the Izsák Summer Creativity Camp.
  2. Autumn Izsák Creative Camp, which has been running successfully every year since then.

 Organisational, association membership: He is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists (MAOE), the Műhely Art Association, the Kecskemét Artists' Community (KKK), and the Kunszentmárton Artists' Community.

 Exhibitions: More than 100 individual and numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Pl.: Cracow (Consulate General of Hungary in Cracow), Budapest (House of Hungarian Culture), Budapest (National Dance Theatre), Budapest (Erkel Theatre), Budapest (Hotel Gellért), Budapest (Játékszín), Budapest (Flamenco Hotel), Budapest (Hotel Stadion), Kecskemét (Forrás Gallery), Kecskemét (Művészkávézó), Kecskemét (Tisztiklub), Hévíz (Hévíz Museum), Cegléd (Toldy Ferenc Hospital), Dabas (Dr. Halász Géza Clinic), Izsák (Táncsics Mihály Cultural Centre), Kiskunfélegyháza (Petőfi Sándor Municipal Library and Cultural Centre)


  1. "Future Friendly Energy " competition 3rd prize,
  2. Commemorative plaque for the Art of the City of Izsák
  3. Bács-Kiskun county Príma Award nomination

Statement of faith:

I confess that "... nature itself reveals an intelligent creator..." I try to capture the moment when the light on the landscape, the building, the objects, shines through into a feeling, a thought. I strive to compete with the experience and the mood created by the view. I am attracted to painting for the pleasure it gives me, the constant development and not least the possibility of renewal. I always keep my eyes open and wonder at the everyday beauty of the world. I consider this approach to be just as important as technical knowledge, and I try to stress the importance of these things to my students. From the beginning, I worked mainly with oil paints, and for a few years I took a liking to powder pastels, and for a few years I worked with nothing else, in order to get to know the possibilities of the technique. Nowadays I have taken up oil again, but sometimes I like to do a little charcoal, watercolour or acrylic painting.

In the last few years, besides landscapes, still lifes and cityscapes, I have been increasingly working on portraits.

Since 2018 I regularly hold painting courses, (e.g.: Balatonfenyves, Fülöpháza, Kisrécse - Kendlimajor Art Free School-Workshop), but I also try to help those interested in painting within the framework of workshops or other art activities. More and more of my students have become interested in one of the above mentioned techniques. I try to experiment, to innovate and of course to make the most of myself and the possibilities that painting offers.

Our cooperation with the Vándorfény Gallery started in 2011, but after a few years we had to stop this collaboration for family reasons. Now we decided together that it was time to work together again.

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