Antal Neogrády

Born in Budapest in 1944. He is a descendant of a true artistic dynasty, his mother Margit Beleznay is an actress, his father Miklós Neogrády is a ceramist, set designer and interior decorator. His great-grandfather was the painter Károly Telepy, who is still considered one of the most outstanding personalities of realistic landscape painting. His paternal grandfather, Antal Neogrády, was also obsessed with the brush.

So for the young Neogrády, a commitment to painting was natural. The love of art lurks in their everyday lives. Already as a child, he draws and paints, and his talent is evident from an early age. He was employed as a set designer at the film company, where he designed the sets for several Hungarian films.
He is also responsible for the interior design of countless shops, auditoriums and theatres. From 1977 to 1983 he worked at the Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém. In the meantime he painted regularly and had numerous solo exhibitions at home and abroad.

His art is very versatile, he is a virtuoso painter with a light brush. He has the soul of an architect, which is why his paintings are mainly of buildings. Continuing the family tradition, his work has put him firmly on the list of our leading painters.


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