Pálfy Putyu


István Pálfy Putyu Nívó Prize-winning painter, graphic artist

He was born in Uzhhorod, where he completed his art studies.

MAOE, VajaArt Group, MÚOSZ Hungarian Caricature Art Section, founding member of the Society of Hungarian Artists and Craftsmen (1993-1995 member of the board of directors), founding member of the Society of Hungarian Artists and Craftsmen of Transcarpathia (1990-1994 elected secretary).

2004 - NÍVÓDIJ. Award of the Vay Ádám Vay Museum's Museal Collection.



She is a regular participant of the VajaArt Art Camp, the Vaja Winter International Art Camp, the Hajdúsági International Art Camp, the Kőszeg International Art Camp, the Mezőkövesd International Art Camp, the Dunafanyar International Caricature Art Camp.

So far he has exhibited in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine. In more than 40 cities in Hungary and in more than 15 exhibition halls in Budapest.

His paintings can be found in England, France, Spain (collection), Germany (collection), Austria, Slovakia, USA and Ukraine. In museums in Hungary, owned by the Hungarian Treasury.

"István Pálfy (Putyu) is a distinctive representative of Hungarian surrealist painting.

Among Putyu's pictures, we feel as if we are in a panopticon of memories. Everyone will find a detail to savour, and be touched by the experience of déjà vu, of the world hidden deep in our consciousness, which becomes visible through his brushstrokes. And in doing so, he takes us to far more exciting realms than the perceptible reality of our eyes: painterly creativity and talent open a window on the infinite."

Péter Tarczy art writer

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