Zoltán Suhaj

If I think about it, I have always been what I am now : a painter !

That is why I see it all as it is, as nothing more than a great and wonderful journey in my life. People, situations, feelings, etc. are all - all of them - essential and essential characters in my painting. With all its beauty , joy , hiding and trouble , it is a multifaceted and infinite composition ! Yes! I have won a few awards and sold a few paintings in the last few years. But that's not the point for me! I think my main motivation is to keep pushing myself beyond the essential limits of myself. It's all one big experiment! That is why I think of painting as a unit. This complexity is also reflected in my work.

Abstract or realism ?!

For me it's all the same !

I always paint what I feel like painting anyway!

Besides, it's not the what that matters, but the how! But it's possible that this will become something that will be only me in its entirety. Who knows ? The real man is always defined by his feelings! So it is with artists ! They conjure up feelings in people's homes , so that each one can discover his own spirituality in and through them .

Because paintings are medicine !

But !

If there is an opponent ?!

It's only time !

And if there is a goal ?!

That is the road !

...and the next one is always the right one !


Exhibition :

2008 - Canada, Toronto - Expo (group exhibition)

2008 - Szerencs - Rákóczi Castle (group exhibition)

2009 - Casa Loma Toronto, Art Castle (group exhibition)

2010 - Szerencs - Rákóczi Castle (group exhibition)

2010 - Kertész Gallery (group exhibition)

2012 - Szerencs - Rákóczi Castle - (solo exhibition)

2014 - XI Zemplén Summer Exhibition - Cultural Centre (group exhibition)

2015 - Budapest - Art Expo - II Contemporary Art Exhibition and Fair

2016 - Sárospatak - XII Zemplén Summer Exhibition (group exhibition)

2017 - Miskolc -Havas Gallery (group exhibition)

2017 - Slovakia - Mining Museum in Rozsnyovo (group exhibition)

2018 - Budapest - Hotel Nemzeti - Havas Gallery (group exhibition)

2018 - Szerencs - Rákóczi castle - International art camp in Rozsnyó (group exhibition)

2018 - Slovakia , Gömör - Folk Art Centre (group exhibition)

2018 - Budapest - Városház Gallery, Zsilip Art Center - Exhibition of the competition "The Summer" (Professional category 1st place)

2048 - Miskolc, House of Arts - Havas Gallery (group exhibition)

2019 - Budapest - Belvárosi fesztivál

2019 Somogyvámos, Krishna Valley

2019 - Szerencs - XII Chocolate Festival (spectacular painting)

2019 - Slovakia - Mining Museum in Rozsnyovo (group exhibition)

2021 - Miskolc - Arts Optika - solo exhibition










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