David Szoboszlai

Dávid Szoboszlai on "BRONZE COLOUR"

"The decision to become an artist was made when I was 8 years old, sitting on the porch of my great-grandparents' house at 2:30 in the afternoon on a summer day. "

From an early age, he received an artistic education. During his secondary school years, he learned the basics of goldsmithing and applied arts. His studies were wide-ranging from the beginning, but from the first grade of high school he included an element that became the alpha and omega of everything: sculpture He enrolled in the University of Fine Arts in metalwork design, but attended all the design-related courses (furniture design, industrial design).

His subjects are predominantly drawn from the animal world or from creatures related to animals (for example the Dragon, a mythological creature with animalistic external characteristics). His sculptures differ from naturalistic representation (he uses naturalistic representation for analysis), because for him the primary aim is to represent and reproduce the essence of the model of the moment as authentically as possible, and the representation is adapted to this. His main choice of material is bronze.

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