Károly Vajda

Born in Nagybánya, the "city of painters", in 1961. His father Miklós Vajda, also a painter, was a student and friend of Oszkár Nagy, a prominent figure of the Nagybánya School of Painting.

He first started his artistic studies at the music school in Nagybánya, which he followed from the fifth grade onwards in fine arts. In 1987, he graduated from the Ion Andreescu College of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca, with a degree in painting, drawing and restoration.

His teachers were István Borgida, Gusztáv Cseh, Aurél Ciuppe, Paul Sima, Pál Veres, László Tóth, László Feszt and Mircea Baciu.

Karoly Vajda is one of the "dedicated" artists of impressionist landscape painting. His paintings reveal not only the characteristic shapes and lights of a given landscape, but also the captivating moods that he presents with the elusive magic of the moment. In his art lies the idea of family traditions brought from Nagybánya, the manifestations of different cultures, which he "composes" on canvas with unparalleled colour and harmony.

His philosophy is: "A landscape is not just a landscape, it is a feeling with a message!"

His first solo exhibition was held in his hometown in 1977, when he was 16. During his secondary school years, his orientation towards landscape painting began to develop. He later commented:

"For the time being, the painting traditions of the former Nagybánya are closest to me, I admire the art of Aurél Papp, Oszkár Nagy and Sándor Ziffer. I want to continue and deepen this. And when I have enough knowledge, I will try new things."

He moved to Hungary in 1989, but in the following years he spent extended periods in other European countries, mostly in Germany.

A real turning point in his life was 1989, when he left Romania. He first spent a short time in Hungary, and then in 1990 began a "European study tour" that lasted nearly 10 years. He settled in Germany, where he made Mönchengladbach his home. He travels, creates, absorbs the European atmosphere and freedom, which continues to inspire his true explorer and creative self.

"It made me feel like I was someone who mattered, someone who was really listened to."

In addition to landscapes inspired by the quaint atmosphere of small German towns, he also paints still life, portraits and abstract works.

He has visited several countries in Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, and then returned to Hungary after 4 months in the US.

He is absorbed in the architectural masterpieces of Budapest, the ever-changing beauty of the Danube, Szentendre, but also the unforgettable landscapes of his native land. He is increasingly bold and dynamic in his depiction of everything he discovers in his surroundings. While retaining the knowledge he brought from the great mine, his own individuality and style are increasingly evident in his works.

In 2004-2006, at the invitation of a friend, he travelled again to Germany, where he went full steam ahead with his almost monumental abstract works.

"I saw the time and the knowledge to understand abstract art was now." - he said.

His works can be found in private collections in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Finland, France, the United States and Canada.

He is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists and the Hungarian University Association in Stockholm.

Solo exhibitions:

1977: Nagybánya

1984: Nagybánya

1986-87: Cluj Napoca

1988: Nagybánya

1992: Mátészalka

1997: Budapest, Swan House

1998: Budapest, BÁV Contemporary Gallery

2000: Budapest, OTP Bank Gallery

2003: Budapest, Hungarian Culture Foundation Gallery

2004: Budapest, Rózsahegyi Confectionery

2005: Youth Cultural Centre of Budapest XIII. district

2006: Budapest, OTP Bank Gallery

2007: Budapest, Lurdy House

Group exhibitions:

1986: Budapest

1995: Mönchengladbach

1998: Stockholm

1999: Grevenbroich

1999: Budapest, Ferencváros Cultural Centre

2002: Győr, Festival of Hungarian Artists from Beyond the Border






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