Varga Szidónia

Szidónia Varga was born in 1965. She started drawing and painting more seriously in 1989. Her subject at that time was flower arrangements. Her first group exhibition was held in Budapest in 1996. Her husband, painter István Széchenyi, also helped her in her career, and today they are a "painter couple" exhibiting together. Szidónia loves beautiful flowers and is best known for her floral paintings and compositions.

He often creates beautiful pictures from flowers he has picked from his own garden. His favourite subjects are wild flowers and sunflowers.

Since 2002, she has been recalling her childhood, capturing her memories in her figurative paintings - mother and child - siblings - children playing.

In his romantic paintings, he depicts female figures with long hair, hats and long dresses with their backs turned, which makes his paintings more suggestive, airy and leads the viewer to freer thoughts.

In 2004, he also painted "modern still lifes", which bear the motifs of contemporary flower arranging, and his new subject matter and style were a great success.

In one of his exhibitions, the art historian writes: "I have seen his delicate still lifes flowing in white in many places. I was a little amazed at the rapid unfolding, watching her work, I remembered my old obsession that fine art is a woman's occupation.

Sidonie is both more detailed and more miniature, I would prefer to put the closer faces and flowers under a microscope.

The mother of several children could find her beautiful theme of motherhood and children without any agony.

His paintings almost flow with the most beautiful, world-amazing virtues and floral creations.

Not only can you look, you can see the petals. The base of its deadheads, its distinctive, inventive, dignified, understated, glossy greys can be recognised from a distance. After all, the success of a still-life depends half and half on the workings of the background. The success of his pictures reflects his knowledge of the material. His still lifes are perfectly harmonious, intrinsically suggestive."

His paintings are regularly exhibited in major cities in Hungary.


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