FERENC CAKÓ Kossuth Prize-winning painter's live sand painting Lecture - Free, but registration required - 22.06.2024.

If you register for Ferenc Cakó's special live homo animation performance, you agree to purchase a wristband in our Gallery for 3000 ft (adult) and 1500 ft (child). 

You can buy the wristbands for the Night of Museums at the Vándorfény Gallery (1053 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 3, open Monday-Saturday 10-18).

Original etchings, paintings, a monograph and a new book by the artist Ferenc Cakó will also be available for purchase.

Incredible creativity, an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience! Ferenc Cakó, Kossuth Prize winner, Merited and distinguished painter, animation filmmaker, conjures up images inspired by classical music. This unique production, born in the moment, will be a lasting experience for our visitors.

The audience can enjoy the homo animation composed to music live on the cinema screen with a special technical solution.Ferenc Cakó tells a story he imagines with his amazing homo animation technique. The sand performance, which emphasises the uniqueness of the work, relies heavily on improvisation, a work that is created spontaneously, in the crossfire of the moods of the performer and the spectator.

In 1996, Cako was the first in the world to develop the idea of a live animated homosexual performance. Since then, his live, swirling, cinematically moving, spectacular on-stage sandcrawl, inspired by music tracks, has been projected on a giant screen.

Ferenc Cakó has become a constant experimenter in the world of fine art forms with his special-effect sand-kjaz animated films. He independently writes, designs, directs and produces his films, which are highly successful at international festivals. His art-inspired films are the result of months of painstaking work and have won major awards at almost every international film festival.


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