Zoltán Fehérvári

My first works were created in my early childhood, and their success was a further inspiration. During my young years I was a member of several renowned art circles and schools, which shaped the development of my artistic vision and technical skills. In my search for new paths, I have been involved in poetry, drama and composition. I had the opportunity to visit the most famous museums during my tour of Europe in the 1970s. It was then that I became acquainted with German Lowland painting, whose pictorial world and colouristic traditions had a great influence on me. After obtaining my diploma, I began to devote myself to painting. My works were successful within a short time. I have worked for galleries both at home and abroad. My works have been exhibited in several European countries. I have had major exhibitions in London, New-York, Vienna and Frankfurt. In Hungary I have participated in several group and solo exhibitions.

I found my style in landscape painting. The diversity of the natural environment, the depiction of its changes, both realistic and ideal, appeals to me. In both landscape and life painting, I strive to compose rich landscape backgrounds with a deep perspective. A detailed view of nature and the primacy of observation guide my creative process. I also favour passionate, moving compositions and dramatic clashes of elements in landscape painting. My choice of subject matter is influenced by my personal experiences and my own environment. During the creative process, I do not only aim to capture the landscape objectively, but also to project individual emotions onto the landscape, thus giving an emotional charge to the landscape.

Of the Hungarian landscape painters, I was captivated by the detailed vision of nature of Károly Markó, the exploration of the contrasts of light by Károly Lotz, the idyllic Balaton landscapes of Géza Mészöly, the landscape light painting of József Egry, and the colour harmonies of Géza Szőny.

For me, painting is a vocation, a lifelong commitment to leave a lasting mark in an ever-changing world.

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