István P. Kovács

"I was born in Abony in 1961, and my real passion as a child, besides music and sports, was fine arts, including pencil drawing and linocut under the guidance of György Heiling.

I have participated successfully in children's art competitions in New Delhi, Moscow, Czech Republic and at home...

At the Hungarian Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts, under the guidance of Gábor Gacs and Gábor Pásztor, my love for graphic art was further strengthened, and my love of drawing and nature was deepened by Lajos Újvári.

I attended the preparatory course at the University of Fine Arts, my teacher was János Szirtes.

After that I attended the graphic art department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where my masters were Alajos Eszik, Gábor Nagy, Károly Raszler, Imre Kocsis and Róbert Kőnig.

I have been a member of the Hungarian Art Fund since 1987.

I draw my themes from Greek mythology and nature, with recurring motifs of horses, birds and the Hungarian landscape in individual formulations.

I have been a member of the following galleries: Zichy, Pannónia, Szeged Style Gallery, Horizont Gallery, Szépia Art Community, Pusztai Gallery, Szépia Gallery, Home Gallery Dunakeszi, Golden Frame Gallery, Landscape Gallery, Vándorfény Gallery.

I have participated in exhibitions in India, Moscow, Kunsthalle, Miskolc Graphic Biennale, Bari Graphic Biennale, Szentendre, Budakeszi, Abony, Ferencvárosi Cultural Centre, etc."


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